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Above image from 1969 Datsun Competition Bulletin

In the USA, Yutaka Katayama was extremely keen to see the roadster in competition. In the early days he was gratified that a number of amateur racers identified the potential of the 1500 and that tricks and modifications were soon filtering around the SCCA circuit - gradually, the factory enlarged it's competition parts bin, and with a mixture of random factory parts and the experience of the amateur racers, the roadster would soon be enjoying success.

Factory photo showing 1500 with Weber carbs
and oil cooler

Factory improvements to the 1500 were largely limited to the engine.  Weber carbs for the 1500 were available, although whether these reached the USA it is not known. An expensive oil cooler was also produced and this was sent over to both east and west coasts. In the meantime Nissan Motor Corporation also sought the experience of the likes of Bob Sharp to develop parts and modifications alongside the factory. Bob produced his competition manual with the assistance of the factory and became a competition consultant to Nissan.

By the time a factory parts list was available, Nissan had engaged both Bob Sharp and Dwayne Feuerhelm's Auto Works as authorised distributors. Both distributors also produced their own lists (offering non-factory parts) and Nissan were so keen to see success that they incorporated these lists in their own catalogues for the benefit of all would be racers.

Bulletins were also issued by Nissan from time to time offering new information on race preparation and details of new factory parts.

Factory competition parts catalogs were frequently updated. Nissan still produces one today, under the Nissan Motorsports banner. Early catalogs and bulletins are now sought after.

Below are listed the main factory competition parts available during the 1960s, a list that roadster owners would die for today. Many of the parts are no longer available, and those that are still listed are very expensive.

ENGINE Solex Carburettors
The U20 44m Mikuni/Solex induction system includes 44mm carbs, intake manifold, insulators, linkage, gaskets, hoses and choke cable - to produce 150hp the Solex camshaft should be installed (see below) - optional trumpets shown.

Part Numbers
99996-C1040 - U20 Induction Kit
16500-25501 - Air Cleaner Assembly
16546-25500 - Element 

The R16 cam (.480"/300degree) requires competition valve spring set and new lifters.
The U20 (Solex) cam (.456"/280degree) requires new rocker arms and an oil gallery plug.

Part Numbers
99996-B1021 - R16 Race camshaft
13001-25500 - U20 Solex camshaft

No picture available

Forged Race Pistons
The piston requires clearance of .006" to .008" and a pin clearance of .0008" to .0011".

Part Numbers
99996-C1031 - Piston
99996-B1041 - Ring set

No picture available

Rod & Main Bearings
High performance tri-metal design

Part Numbers
12111-25510 - R16/U20 Rod Bearing
12207-73600 - R16 3-Main Bearing set

Oil Cooler Kit
An oil cooler kit for 1500, 1600 and 2000 roadsters. The kit could be mounted behind the grille or under the front valance with a purpose built air scoop. Complete with 'Datsun Fairlady' cover for winter use.

Part Number
21300-25510 - Oil Cooler Kit

Competition Oil Pan - (in aluminium).
7.5 quart pan with baffling and windage tray for both the 1600 and 2000 roadster.

Part Number
11110-25500 - Oil Pan

Competition Oil Pan Insert
Equipped with trapdoor style baffling and improved windage tray.

Part Number
99996-C1133 - Insert


No picture available

Close Ratio Gearbox
Available for both 1600 and 2000 models. Kits were available for converting the standard 5-speed and 4-speeds to close ratio setups.

Part Numbers
32213-A1101 - Cluster Gear (4 speed)
NMCRK-32011 - 5 speed kit

DIFFERENTIAL Limited Slip Differential
Ratios ranged from 3.70:1 to 5.13:1
Ring and pinion sets of 4.11:1 to 5.13:1 were also available.

Part Numbers
38420-A9980 - L/S Assy for 4.11 R&P set
38430-16330 - L/S Assy for 5.13 R&P set

SUSPENSION Suspension Sets and Components
Sets available with either intermediate or stiff springing - include sway bar of either 21mm or 23mm in diameter - the sets lowered the roadster by between 1 3/4 and 2 inches.

Part Numbers

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