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John Woodner from 1968
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Nissan calendars 10 years of Nissan calendars, 1961 to 1970 - August 2008 - Nissan Japan produced numerous calendars during production of the Fairlady, and a number of these featured some unique photography not seen elsewhere. Click on the thumbnail to view detail images of the Fairlady and first generation Nissan Silvia.

BRE2 poster Peter Brock's BRE Datsuns and automotive designs - new poster available! - July 2008 - Artist Telly Sahara has recently completed a fabulous new poster, commissioned by Peter Brock himself and available from Peter's BRE website. The poster features the Datsun 240Zs, 510s and 2000 roadsters campaigned by BRE during the late '60s and early '70s as well as many of Peter's well-known automotive designs, starting in 1959 with his Corvette Sting Ray racer, when he worked as a designer at General Motors Styling division.  Other designs include the Cobra Daytona Coupe, the Hino Samurai and designs for Triumph, Toyota and De Tomaso. Click on the thumbnail for the full image and details of how to order this poster.

Datsun DC3 Sports The 1952 Datsun Sports DC-3 - the car that started it all - Although Nissan had produced roadsters and convertibles since the 1930s, the Datsun Sports DC-3 of 1952 is acknowledged as the first true Datsun sports car. Underpowered, and not popular with the Japanese car buying public, it was nevertheless an important landmark in Nissan's history. Click on the thumbnail opposite for the full story.

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Archive 'Wanted List' ( March 2011) - This page details specific items required for the fairlady.org archive, as well as a request for any other unusual Datsun 1500, 1600 and 2000 Roadster/Fairlady memorabilia. Good prices paid for the right items. For further information, click here.

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Classic Car Show 2007 UK NEC Classic Motor Show - March 2008 - John Hunter's beautiful 1500 is featured heavily in the official DVD of the 2007 show, when the Classic Z Register's Jon Newlyn again dispels the  myth that the Fairlady is a copy of the MGB - well done Jon ...
SRL311-00003 Oldest surviving SRL311 sold - SRL311-00003, a 1967 Datsun 2000 owned by Don Mackinlay's family since 1971, was recently sold.  Complete but in need of full restoration, the 2000 appeared on Ebay, attracting significant interest.  
SRL311-00004 November 2006 ( January 2008) - Yours for $67,500! Ssecond oldest surviving SRL311 for sale - the ex-Jack Scoville Datsun 2000, SRL311-00004, which has been owned by Bob Klemme since 1991, is now up for sale.  This wonderfully restored 2000 was up for auction on Ebay but it did not reach its reserve. It's now on www.race-cars.com with an asking price of $67,500.  For more history on the car and its background, click on the Jack Scoville pages.
CMS at NEC October 2006 ( July 2007) - The  2006 Classic Motor Show - The Classic Z Register took an exhibition stand at the show, the largest of its kind ever held at Birmingham's NEC. The show drew a record attendance, and the Register's stand was busy throughot the three day show. For further images, click here.

::: fairlady.org- The US Datsun Roadster racing archive :::
American Racing Index fairlady.org now features pages on all Datsun Roadster SCCA National Champions, in addition to other important race drivers, teams, and their cars. The project includes galleries, specifications, results and contributions from drivers, team managers and crew members. This is the first time that such an in-depth project has been put together, either in print or on the web, and the results represent 5 years of research. Click on the image for the full US index.

The US Roadster racing pages are acknowledged by the International Motor Racing Research Centre (IMRRC) at Watkins Glen.
fairlady.org is the only single make website to be recognised, apart from a history of the Offenhauser.

::: Featured articles from the UK :::
Classics Monthly, May 2006 Classics Monthly, May 2006

Classic & Sportscar, December 2001

Classic & Sportscar magazine, December 2001
Classic Cars, July 2003 Classic Cars magazine, July 2003

Practical Classics, January 1997

Practical Classics magazine, January 1997

::: Featured books :::
Ultimate Sports Car, November 2002 Ultimate Sports Car, by Quentin Willson, features a selection of Datsun 1600 and 2000 images sourced from fairlady.org
The Datsun Roadster Book TM, May 2006 The Datsun Roadster Book TM by Scott Sheeler, is an excellent two volume title offering a wealth of information to Fairlady owners, including chapters from the fairlady.org and datsun.org archives - Click on the image to buy your copy now!

::: Featured videos :::
The Datsuns, August 2000 New Zealand rock band The Datsuns chose an image of a Datsun Fairlady 2000 for the record sleeve of Super Gyration!, their first single, which was released in August 2000. There was no roadster in the video, but it's a cool song nonetheless.

BRE flash intro

BRE flash presentation, which automatically loads the Peter Brock/BRE Datsun Roadster racing pages on this site. If you cannot open the flash movie click here for a low resolution video.
The Incredibles, 2005 In 2005, animated renditions of Datsun 2000 Roadsters in numerous colours appeared in the Oscar winning Disney/Pixar movie The Incredibles. As an example, click on the image to view a video clip - and look carefully for a couple of Datsun Roadsters.

Cars that ate Paris

The opening scene of Peter Weir's first movie, The Cars that ate Paris, featured a 67.5 Datsun 1600. The scene was a parody on a TV commercial of the time. Note the early product placement ...
Infiniti G35 Coupe video, November 2002 In late 2002, two Datsun 1600 Roadsters were used (albeit briefly) in an Infiniti commercial for the G35 Sport Coupe. Click on the image to view the movie in Quicktime.

Classic Car Show 2007

UK Classic Motor Show - March 2008 - John Hunter's beautiful 1500 is featured heavily in the official DVD, when the Classic Z Register's Jon Newlyn again dispels the  myth that the Fairlady is a copy of the MGB - well done Jon!  

::: fairlady.org- The European Roadster pages :::
European Datsun Fairlady Roadster Pages Includes a history of the Datsun Fairlady in Europe, and a comprehensive guide to the Fairlady 2000's record in the Monte Carlo and Tulip Rallies in 1968 and 1969. The infamous Hannu Mikkola achieved the Fairlady's best rally result with a 9th in the Monte in 1968.  

::: fairlady.org- The Japanese Roadster pages :::
Japanese Datsun Fairlady Roadster Pages Includes a history of the Datsun Fairlady in the Japanese Grand Prix, where it scored its first victory at the 1963 meeting. It also tracks the development of the Fairlady before it went into production, and showcases some rare Japanese advertising.

::: fairlady.org- The Nissan Silvia/Datsun 1600 Coupe pages :::
Nissan Silvia CSP311 Pages The Nissan Silvia was a hand built coupe based on the Fairlady. Very few were built and it is now a rare car. These pages give a brief history of the Silvia and some examples of the most lavish photography Nissan had used in its sales literature to date.

::: fairlady.org- Coming soon - the Nissan Skyline C10 pages :::
C10 pages The Nissan Skyline C10 series, launched in 1968, was to spawn the first incarnation of the legendary Skyline GT-R (4 door KGC10 and 2-door KPGC10). Pages covering this series are coming soon - watch this space.

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