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C L A S S I C  F A I R L A D Y  R O A D S T E R  R E G I S T E R

T H E   R E G I S T E R' S   H I S T O R Y

I  N  T  R  O  D  U  C  T  I  O  N   

The Register was formed back in April 1994, to promote the classic status of the Datsun 1500, 1600 and 2000 Roadster, built between 1963 and 1970. The Datsun Roadster, or Fairlady as she was known in Japan, was never sold in the UK, but she did reach mainland Europe in small numbers.

This site has been designed to give owners and enthusiasts an insight into the Roadster scene in the UK and mainland Europe, as well as providing some background to the Roadster's worldwide history. Interest in the marque is growing and, despite the small numbers around, Roadsters are receiving good coverage from articles in the Classic Car press.

If you know of any Roadsters in Europe please E-Mail:- RoadsterGB@aol.com


This DATSUN SPL311 was featured in THE ULTIMATE CLASSIC CAR BOOK by QUENTIN WILLSON. The car, registration MUF625F, also featured on CLASSIC CARS, a DK CD-Rom.

Books available through VELOCE PUBLISHING

We maintain a list of European based Roadsters and welcome information on any similar Roadsters (Dead or Alive).

The archive is growing weekly and we hold many rare brochures/press photographs on the Fairlady/Sports series and their history.  If you have any to trade please let us know.

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