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   C L A S S I C  F A I R L A D Y  R O A D S T E R   R E G I S T E R


This page focuses on Datsun Roadster events and news items in the UK, and mainland Europe.

SROC 25th anniversary

In an article on Datsun Roadsters, the Register's BRE/BSR webpage content described the success of both teams in the late 1960s. GRM donated a generous sum to website funds for this contribution and they will be publishing a further Roadster racing related article by Rob Beddington in the next 12 months. Check out the US Racing Index to view the BRE/BSR pages.

New Book

NEO Article - February 2000

The CFRR Literature Archive cover

Manabu Goshima with Yutaka Katayama

From the 1999 Primera catalogue

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