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  The Bob Sharp Datsun Roadster Photo Gallery
1964 - victory lap 1964 - a victory in his first full season
Overall victory at the Thompson National. Note the dual colour (blue & white) stripes, soon to be replaced by double white stripes.

Bob Sharp's 1500

1500 side view - 1965
See also Bob's other 1500 in the background.

Bob Sharp at the wheel

Bob at the wheel of his 1500
From the same photoshoot as above, at Bob's Ridgefield base.

Bob's 1500 dashboard

The dash of Bob's 1500
Note the 9000rpm tachometer

Bob Sharp's 1500 motor

A Bob Sharp 1500 engine bay
Looks stock, apart from the air trumpets

1500 - front 3/4

Front 3/4 view of Bob's 1500
The racing number 33 was later to become Bob's trademark

1500 racing

On the track - Bob and his 1500, 1965
Note:- This image was later used by Nissan in their 'Rarin to Race' ad, retouched as a 1600.

1500 racing - 2

1965 - another track shot
This image was also featured in Bob Sharp's competition manual.
1966 - first 1600 season 1966, Bob Sharp's first season with the 1600
Leading Art Riley's Volvo. Still sporting the white stripes, single RN roundel and Empis.

Bob Sharp - 1967

1967, Bob's first National Championship winning year
Bob's 1600, from a contemporary press cutting - tradematk dual roundels feature from this year onwards.

Bob Sharp's transporter

Bob Sharp's transporter
Bob's transporter was a familiar site at Regionals, Nationals and the ARRC.

Dick Gilmartin - 1500

Dick Gilmartin racing a Bob Sharp 1500
Dick was a strong contender in the 1500, whilst Bob concentrated on FP in his 1600. 
1968 - Divisional Champ 1968, Bob and his 2000 win Divisional Title in CP
In 1969 Bob would switch his 2000 to D Production, with Hitachi carbs.

Bob Sharp's 1600 - 1969

1969 - Bob at the wheel of his 1600
Note the new 'Datsun' stripes, also worn by the Jack Scoville, BRE and Dan Parkinson cars.

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