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datsun.org/fairlady - acknowledgements


There have been many contributors to datsun.org/fairlady and many people to acknowledge for their knowledge and support since these pages were first published. In particular, the Register would like to thank the following, without whom it would have not been possible to create and update the site.

Rob Beddington


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Greg Valazza of datsun.org

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Van Pham of BADROC
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Japanese Pages Alan Thomas, Phill Brook, Brian Long, Kenji Takahashi.
European Pages Svein Erik Finnerud, Jan Krakevik, Ted Walker of Ferret Fotographics.
Webhosting Greg Valazza of datsun.org
Support The Datsun Roadster community at large, Nissan Motorsports (Japan), Standard Advertising Inc. (Japan), Nissan (Netherlands).

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