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My thanks to Svein Erik Finnerud Chairman of the Norwegian Datsun/PMC Register for providing the following information on the growing Roadster scene in Norway.

There are about 13 Roadsters in Norway, the earliest survivor being a 3-seater 1500 which was sold new in Norway in 1964.  The car was originally white and is currently undergoing a full restoration.

The remaining 12 documented cars are all imports from the USA.  The earliest of these, a red 1600, was imported around 1970.  A few cars were imported later in the 1970s and 1980s, whilst the majority have been imported over the last few years.

7 of the 12 cars are registered (more than in England!), 3 are under restoration and 2 are in storage.  The Roadster is gaining in popularity in Norway and more enthusiasts are looking to owning one of these great cars.

Below are thumbnails of some of the Norwegian Roadsters, some in mint condition, others under restoration.  Click to see larger images - Further images will follow.


Nissan/Datsun have been popular in Scandinavia since the early 1960s when they were first exported there.  Prince (PMC) cars were also popular in Norway before Prince was absorbed by Nissan in the mid 1960s.  The Datsun/PMC Register in Norway covers all Prince, Datsun and Nissan models manufactured between 1963 and 1983.

Unlike the UK, the Norwegian Register has great support from the Nissan importers, as well as around half of the dealership network.  The Nissan importers themselves own a red 1600 Roadster (Registration number S-311 - see the image above).  

There are also a few surviving roadsters in Denmark, Sweden and Finland, as well as the Netherlands and Belgium, where interest is also growing.