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C L A S S I C  F A I R L A D Y  R O A D S T E R  R E G I S T E R


There have only been a small number of Fairlady/Roadster models available in England, mainly due to the Roadster being little known on these shores.  However, the models which have been imported are of some interest, and are detailed below and on the linked pages:-

Hit Racing Line 1/32nd - 'Nissan Fair Lady'

This 1/32nd scale slot car, based on the low screen 1600, was the only model to have been imported to the UK during Roadster production.  Made in Japan, it hit the UK in 1967. Very few were sold and this is the only known survivor, complete with box.  The kit is a faithful reproduction of the real thing (which is more than can be said of the box artwork) and comes with hood up or down, & chrome plated bumpers. The model was sold under the 'Riko Racewell' banner in the UK alongside 3 other Hit Racing Line models - the Ford GT40, the Honda F1 race car and a 1950s Mercedes GP car.

The following models, imported  into the UK in small quantities, are all post-production models and have been available elsewhere.  Please click on thumbnails for pictures and descriptions.


    Fujimi 1/24th kit                Diapet 1/43rd die-cast            Tomica 1/50th die-cast

No further models have been imported in any quantity although I have collected a number of other die-casts and plastic kits over the years.  Unfortunately, none of the specialist die-cast shops have heard of the Japanese model-maker Ebbro, let alone their recent Fairlady releases (although I thankfully have friends in Japan who have sent a set over -Thanks Brian & Miho).