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73 car


The Orrion 'Bill' Kattmann Years


Race History


In 1971 Dave Eagleson sold the car to Orrion 'Bill' Kattmann. Bill campaigned the car in the SCCA's Central Division, winning one race and finishing 10th in the Central Division standings. He then took 1972 off to work on the car with his Crew Chief, Wayne Jackson.  


1973 was a good year for the car. Kattmann placed 2nd in the Central Division points standings, winning 3 of the 7 National races he entered, as well as collecting three other top 3 finishes. Kattmann qualified the car for the 1973 SCCA 'Champion Classic' runoffs in Road Atlanta (this was the first year that Champion sponsored the Nationals), and finished 12th in a D Production field of 25 starters.

The official 1973 ARRC Results


In 1974 Bill Kattmann just entered 3 races in Central Division, being placed 2nd and 4th in two of those races.


In 1975, Kattmann enjoyed another good season in Central Division. He again qualified the car for the National Championships at Road Atlanta. After a good start, an incident on lap 8 resulted in a DNF. The D Production Championship went to John McComb, former Mustang and BRE Datsun driver, in a Triumph TR6.

1975 was the last season the car was raced.

After the National Championships, Kattmann painted the car red. Shortly after that the car was sold.

The official 1975 ARRC Results


Images from the Kattmann years - please click for enlargements

The Car - from the SCCA archives
The Crew - Bill Kattmann and crew chief Wayne Jackson

Contemporary News Articles
(from the SCCA Archives)



The above articles date from 1975




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