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Horsepower by Hauser

Joe Hauser's modifications to the 3-bearing 1600 crank

1) Drill the main bearings straight across - I use a 3/16" bit. Since cranks are hardened to an approximate thickness of 0.120", and since a centre punch will not start the hole, I start it with a grinding point or a 1/8" carbide burr. To finish penetrating the hardened surface use a 1/4" carbide bit. Drill straight in to 0.125"- 0.140". Then drill the angle hole - I use an electric drill or you may be able to use a vertical mill.

2) Plug - 002-003 interference. Fit alum or brass Loctite - smooth out the hole beforehand otherwise the plug may shave off so much it will not be tight.

3) Drill at an angle to intercept the original hole. I use a 5/32" bit. 

Note:- if you are using a 5 bearing crank, use metering plugs in the intermediate main bearings (#2 & #4) in the incoming oil holes. I tap them for 1/4", set the screws and then drill the screws with a 0.087 drill.

In addition, in both 3 and 5 main bearing engines, open up the oil hole in the top centre main bearing shell to the size of the hole in the block.

Col. Joe Hauser

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