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C L A S S I C  F A I R L A D Y  R O A D S T E R   R E G I S T E R

Red 2000



Craig Carter had been looking for a Roadster racecar to take vintage racing for over 18 months. Finally, in April 1999, he replied to an advertisement placed by Cliff Cook, a well known SCCA racer from the Midwest, who campaigned the 'Barton Special'. Cliff was offering two roadster racecars for sale, plus a wealth of parts. The cars were situated in Indiana. One of the cars was described as a 'parts car' that had been sitting for many years.

The primary car had been raced extensively in the MidWest SCCA region from new until the late 1980s and was parked up when the owner moved into the SR 2000 class. The car originally ran in D Production, in later years in GT-3, and finally in E Production. The car was offered with late 1980s spec, with wide fiberglass flares front and rear, adjustable suspension and other neat modifications.

The 'parts car' was a steel bodied race car of unknown history that the owner had purchased out of an old lady's garage many years before. Incredibly, over the years, the car only showed light surface rust. No parts had ever been pulled from the car, even down to the Minilite wheels and Goodyear Slicks! This was just the type of package Craig was looking for.

As found, 1999 - Click for larger Images

In May 1999, Craig and Les Cannaday of Classic Datsun Motorsports drove across to Indiana to collect the two cars. It was then that Craig noticed the ID number stamped into the roll bar - he gave it little thought at the time and the cars proceeded back to CDM's shop at Vista, California. 

A little later, Craig started researching the car's history. Bob Sharp confirmed that the car described was indeed one of the 5 Salt Damaged roadsters, and the roll bar ID also confirmed the car's provenance. Craig's exhaustive research, discussions with owners and people associated with the car, together with records kindly provided by the SCCA, bring the history of this car right up to date.

Bill Kattmann sold the car to a young man in Indianapolis in 1975. Since that time, up until Craig bought the car off the 4th owner in 1999, she had been sitting in storage for a total of 24 years!

Craig's current plans are to get the modified SCCA car running to race in open track events - as for SRL311-04627, CDM will be starting the restoration process shortly for entry into vintage races.

Watch This Space.

Rob Beddington




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