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The F.A.R. Performance Years


The F.A.R. Performance Years, 1973-1975

Kirk Allegro's ownership of #00701 lasted just one season. On February 9th 1973, prior to the 1973 season, he sold the car to Rob McFarlin of Foreign Auto Repair Performance (F.A.R.) of Mountain View, California. Before the season started Rob repainted the car to the F.A.R. colour scheme of white with red side panels.


Front 3/4 view - 1973 The front 3/4 view of #00701

The rear 3/4 view of #00701

Rear 3/4 view - 1973

Rob McFarlin raced the car in D Production in the SCCA's San Francisco Region. Rob's results for the 1973 season in #00701 were impressive and sufficient to qualify the car in the '73 Nationals at Road Atlanta, (from 1973, the Nationals were know as the Champion Spark Plug Road Racing Classic). In the runoffs he was coincidentally up against #00701s first owner, Dan Parkinson, driving a later Datsun 2000. Rob raced well and finished a creditable fourth, just two places behind Dan.

The official 1973 CSPRRC Results

In 1974, Ed LaMantia, the Service Manager of F.A.R. Performance, took #00701 to the SCCA drivers school. He then went on to compete in the SCCA Regional Series.

#00701's Results under F.A.R. ownership


Rob McFarlin's results

Date Venue Result (if known)
2/9/1973 Riverside National 2nd Region, 3rd National
4/14/1973 Willow National DNF
5/5/1973 Laguna National 1st
5/19/1973 Laguna Regional 1st
n.k. R.I.R. National DNS
6/9/73 Portland National 2nd
6/24/73 Olympia Sprints 2nd
7/7/73 Seattle National n.k.
7/21/73 Oregan Grand Prix n.k.
8/10/73 KENT S.I.R. n.k.
9/15/73 Sears National n.k.
9/10/73 Bondurant Challenge n.k.
10/28/73 Champion Classic 4th

Ed LaMantia's results

6/1/74 Laguna Seca Regional n.k.
6/29/74 June Sprints n.k.
7/13/74 Sears Point Regional n.k.

After their Datsun  Roadster campaign, the F.A.R. Performance Team went on to achieve National success with the Datsun Z Series. Race drivers Walt Maas and Frank Leary both achieved National Championships in C Production with the team.

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